Step By Step Austin Texas Air Duct Cleaning

The Steam Team is versed in all aspects of air duct cleaning in Austin, Texas. We've been in the industry for more than 30 years, and customers all across central Texas trust us with their most important home services needs.

For air duct cleaning in Austin, here's a primer on The Steam Team process. 

Austin Texas Air Duct Cleaning 

A large, flexible truck-mounted vacuum hose is brought to your furnace. It’s attached to the air ducts either by removing an existing take-off or making a clean-out opening         in your air ducts. After the cleaning is completed, the supervisor reseals this opening which can then be used for future cleaning and for easy inspection of your air ducts.

Next, all vents throughout the building are closed or covered, and the vacuuming process begins. While the vacuuming is going on, we go to each room of the building, one by one, and use a special compressed air gun, air snake or whip. Thoroughly,           we clean each vent, so that the dirt and dust is not only being pulled from one end by the giant vacuum, it’s also being dislodged from the vent in each room.

Compressed air devices are inserted into each vent and the compressed air will dislodge the dirt and debris  toward the drawing vacuum hose.

For slab homes we work at each individual register with compressed air and vacuum hose.