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We have served the larger Austin area for 30 years

The Steam Team is the number one choice for carpet cleaning in Austin, Texas. We have more than 30 years experience in cleaning and maintaining Austin residential and commercial carpets. When it comes to steam cleaning, there is no more trusted company in Austin and central Texas. We are also the experts for all your other home services, including, upholstery, air ducting, tile, and much more. And we also specialize in restoration, from water extraction to smoke and fire damage restoration.

Since 1983, our number one goal has been customer satisfaction, and over the years we have continually raised the bar in exceeding customer expectations. In fact, we guarantee both our residential and commercial air duct services; if at any time you are not completely satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to rectify the problem.

How We Clean Your Ducts

Following the NADCA standard specification using the source removal method. The Steam Team uses a portable HEPA filtered air duct vacuum system (and/or gas powered commercial air duct vacuums) to clean all supply ducts, return air ducts and plenums. This portable HEPA filtered air duct vacuum system is brought into each room and used in conjunction with a compressed air whip (and/or rotating power brushes). The air whip agitates the duct while the HEPA filtered air duct vacuum system is creating negative vacuum at 3500 cfm (up to 10,000 cfm with our gas powered commercial air duct vacuums). Once each supply air duct is cleaned throughout the supply system, the return air system is cleaned in the same fashion.

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